Friday, December 27, 2013

I don't need no freakin' cast!!!!

Progress!!  Cast is now history and I'm in a surgery shoe . . . not even a boot!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday for a 2 week post-surgery check-up and to get my stitches removed.  I made a movie of the nurse unwrapping my foot and lots of pictures of the foot itself . . . but I don't think I should post any . . . it was quite bloody and fairly gross looking (as if a normal picture of my foot isn't!!!).  So you all will just have to take my word for it!

Three incisions . . . one on my 4th toe, one on the metatarsal of my 4th toe and one on my 5th toe (pinky).  But the awesome news here is that my toes are now straight!!

Looking at the x-ray taken a week ago I was fairly concerned because the 4th toe looked all crooked to me!  Not to worry!  That must have just been the bandaging, as each toe was bandaged separately.  Trust me . . . things are looking good down there!!  Looking down at my foot #4 was straight!  And I can actually see the toenail of lil' #5!!!

Right now the doctor has me in a surgical shoe and he wants me to 1) stay off my feet as much as I can, and 2) keep all my weight on my heel . . . no weight transfer to my toes at all.  I was kind of surprised that he re-wrapped my foot in bandages and I still can't get my foot wet . . . even though all my stitches are now gone!  Oh well . . . that's no big deal I have perfected the best and cheapest way to protect a foot (or anything else) when you want to shower!  Guaranteed no leaking!  Maybe I'll write a blog post on that sometime soon.

I asked about what my recovery would probably look like.  He said it depends on what I call recovery!!  Hahahaha!!  I told him for me recovery would be when I could start running again . . . seems fairly simple to me!!  He told me everyone heals differently but he was thinking around 2 1/2 months from surgery might be a good guess . . . maybe a little earlier or maybe a little later.  That would put me around March 1st as the time I would be starting again.

So I guess I'll just have to wait and see how this all progresses but right now it is looking like the Virginia 24 MIGHT be a possibility if I only walk.  Clearly I would not be in any shape to do any running by then.  Vol State . . . still a possibility . . . but again I would have to only walk.  All that is way too far in the future really . . . but I can't help but think about it!!!

I do know one thing for sure . . . I will not push this!  I don't have anything to prove in my running.  Everyone already knows I'm a wimp!  If I try to do too much too fast I risk the future . . . and the future is precious to me!

In the mean time I'm going to do all I can to keep my weight in check and to keep my physical condition as good as I can.  Think I'll go to the Y and see if I can use the ellipse machine . . .  keeping all my weight on my heel.  It that works I'll be doing a lot of driving to Rocky Mount during the next two months!!

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