Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I really witnessed an ass-kickin' today . . .

Honestly . . . something like this is nothing you want to see.  Ever!  There is nothing pretty or exciting about an old fashioned ass-kickin!  I was embarrassed to have seen it.

Things started innocently enough!  This was to be my first day back running after my torn retina so I was excited to be going for a run again . . . 11 days off was frustrating to go through, so to return today (with my doctor's blessing!) was something I had been excitedly anticipating.

Now to be totally honest with all you young runners . . . things change as you get older.  Recovery times just plain take longer.  That's true from both a hard run and from injuries.  And building back endurance takes longer too!

So I was anxious to get back running!  I have races to do!!

Today's weather was simply awesome!  I started at about 9am so the temperatures were in the low 60s, no wind, and I was running again!!  Sure there were the little aches and pains I've come to expect . . . hip tightens, foot starts hurting some, plus I was coming back so nothing should feel great yet!

But spirits were high and my mood was "over the top"!  I had no idea what I was about to witness . . .

My first hint that something strange was in the air came at about 3/4 of a mile into the run.  I had finished two fairly big hills and was going to my first turn-around when I just had a strange feeling that I was going to experience something troubling . . . just couldn't put my finger on the feeling . . . but I sort of knew something bad was about to happen.

I kept running . . . constantly checking my vision just to be sure the ol' retina was behaving . . . and it was!  My vision isn't very good right now.  It's like I have literally 10,000 little bitty "floaters . . . it's like looking through a really dirty windshield . . . or maybe looking through a screen!  My doctor says this is nothing to worry about and my vision will improve.  So I kept running . . .

At about 1.7 miles I started looking around . . . feeling impending doom.  Just an odd feeling and I was looking around for trouble.  The neighborhood is a nice neighborhood and trouble honestly seemed far-fetched . . . but the feeling was strong.

But no one was out!  Nobody was walking, nobody was working in their yard, nobody was running . . . just me and the road.  And then . . . I knew what was about to happen.

At 1.75 miles into my run I had to walk.  Maybe it was mental . . . or maybe it was physical.  But either way . . . the ass-kickin' had begun.  Come on . . . walking at 1.75 miles.  Oh my . . .

I tried to "out run" the worst of the beating . . . but that tactic proved pretty stupid!  After walking 30 yards or so, I started running again.  Made it 1/2 mile . . . then another walk . . . and more ass-kickin' blows to the gut.  Running again . . . but not as far this time.  More walking.

By the end I was running 3 minutes and walking 1 . . . all on a 4.6 mile run.

And mentally I knew what an ass-kickin' it had really been.  Honestly . . . it was just plain embarrassing!

But tomorrow is another day . . .and my resolve is strong.  You NEVER have two bad runs in a row.  Ever!

But I've got to admit I'm starting to question just how realistic participating in Vol State is!  I mean really . . . can I build up enough strength to complete 314 miles in 10 days?  Is this even possible?  Really?

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