Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm thinking this blog needs a new name.

Honestly . . . looking back over the recent past all I see are medical issues.  Primarily my injured foot (which is feeling WAY better now!)

Maybe The blog needs to bee called something like "A Whiner's Guide to Medical Set-backs" or maybe "Easy Ways to Avoid Running" or something similar!  Seriously!  This is getting just plain embarrassing!  I can't seem to get any training in at all due to injuries.

Most recently . . . a torn retina in my "good" eye!

Last Friday about 6 pm after showering from a 6.5 mile treadmill run, I started seeing a bunch of "floaters" in my left eye plus bright flashes of light in the periphery of my vision.  I've been through this with my right eye maybe 10 years ago so I was pretty sure I knew what was going on so I called my eye doctor and met him at his office the next morning.

Sure enough, he quickly determined I had a torn retina and we went back to their laser where he "tacked" around the tear in order to try and stop any retina detachment . . . a MUCH more serious injury!

While a tad painful, the laser surgery went quickly and I drove home.  My instructions were to do "nothing" and be a slug!  No exercising at all and no reading.  WHAT?  No reading?  No computer?  No e-mails?  No Facebook?

I had no idea just how addicted I was!!  But my doctor was adamant that I read NOTHING until they could verify the laser tacking had been successful and my eye started healing.  All I could do was watch TV!

But I survived!  My doctor made me an appointment at the UNC Eye Center for Tuesday.  After their exam, they told me there were two more tears but those were in a "good" area and they didn't feel like an additional laser surgery was needed. 

Plus, they told me the surgery my doctor did was good and they could see healing so I could resume reading!!!!  Hot Damn!!!  But no running and anything what would jar my eye until next Tuesday.   But I can do that!

I asked what had likely caused the tear . . .  thinking that maybe my run had caused it but the doctor assured me that the run was NOT the cause . . . getting OLD was the cause!! 

So . . . I resume running Tuesday!!  7 weeks is PLENTY of time to be ready for the VA 24 . . . right??  Maybe there is even time to work in one more injury!!

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