Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh Boy . . . Here we go again!

Will the fun just never end?

Got the results from an MRI that I had done on my shoulder.  Been having lots of pain that has just been getting progressively worse and worse.  I knew something was wrong but just needed facts.

My guess was a torn labrum.  Turns out that was correct . . . but there was more.

Torn rotator cuff. a torn bicep tendon and some bone impingement.  And my doctor, Dr. Mark Wood with Wake Orthopaedics, says there is virtually zero chance of this heal on its own.  So surgery is necessary.  Dr. Wood operated on my son, Michael's shoulder and he really like him . . . and I did too!  Tons of experience and a proven track record . . . plus easy to talk with.

The type of labrum tear I have is called a SLAP tear which is quite common but a real pain!!  My labrum is torn in several places but what makes it a SLAP tear is that it is torn where the bicep attaches . . . so both the bicep tendon will have to be severed and the re-attached to the bone and the labrum will also have to be repaired and re-attached.  The bone impingement will just be some bone sanding to remove the spots where unnatural bone build-up has occurred.

Surgery is next Friday morning, June 6th.

I have complete confidence in my doctor and the outcome of the surgery . . . but I am honestly scared to death about the first week or so of recovery.  Living by myself will prove to be quite the challenge as I understand it.  Luckily my wife, Connie, will help me as needed . . . especially the day of surgery.  I also now have some neighbors that will be around and hopefully I can get them to give me a hand when needed.  I do worry about all the challenges that are simple when you have two arms but with only one arm and a ton of pain in the other . . . life will get quite challenging I understand!

The doctor's nurse suggested I start wearing my post-surgery sling around the house now so I can find out all the "issues" before surgery.  Sounds like a good idea and I've already found several changes I need to make!

Like I've done with past surgeries I'll try and do updates.  But I guess typing will be one-handed so don't expect any capitalizations!!  My writing will look like Laz's!!

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