Monday, November 3, 2014

Here is the first view . . .

Okay I got my unveiling today and honestly the toe/s look better than I expected.  I'll just show the x-ray today as the toes need to be cleaned up and I can't do that until tomorrow.  They took my stitches out today (about 20-25) and the doctor said to wait a day before I clean everything up.  But he was pleased with what he saw and said everything seems to be healing nicely.  I still have to keep all weight on my heel for another month.  Not a problem for me to do since it hurts like hell when I happen to put a little pressure on it!

So here is what the x-ray looks like.  The operation was on my 5th toe (little toe).  You can see my new screw and you can see where he cut off the head of my metatarsal.  You can sort of see how he joined my 4th and 5th toes together but I'll post a picture tomorrow.


  1. Sorry folks but I decided that a picture of my toe was just not right. Looks . . . well . . . not very presentable! Maybe later. But the webbing really isn't all that much. It still looks like I have 5 toes!!

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