Thursday, October 30, 2014

I simply can't wait!

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to see what Santa brought him / her!

But I'm not getting any presents.  No . . . this coming Monday I get to see my new toe / toes! 

I'm having trouble imagining what this new digit is going to look like.  All I know is that the surgeon said he webbed my 5th toe to my 4th toe for support.  When we were talking about what he was going to do in the surgery, this was enough for me to know.  But now I'm getting curious as to what the final product will look like . . . not that it really matters.  All that really matters is does the foot work okay.  That is important.  Looks???  No so much!

But now that the unveiling is getting close I am getting excited.

Will the webbing make it look like a single really wide toe?  Will there be two toenails?  Will the webbing be at the bottom and the joined toes won't be obvious at all?

Heck . . . I have no idea!!!  But you can bet that Monday night I will put a picture of the "new" toe/s in a new blog post!

So stay tuned!

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