Saturday, October 25, 2014

That was a good nap

(After my foot surgery last Tuesday, this conversation was overheard . . .)

"Wow!  That was a sound sleep . . . but I'm feeling a little woozy!  Just can't clear my head . . .  Really weird!"

"Would you keep it down, my head is splitting and and I'm really hurting all over!  And by the way . . . who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my house?"
"Who the hell are you and what are you doing in MY house?  I live here alone, so you must be an intruder!  Leave now or I'll shoot!!"

"Who the hell am I???  They call me '#5' . . .some call me "Pinky""  Who the hell are you?  You sound like my neighbor, #4?  Are YOU #4??"

"Damn right I'm #4 and I live here.  So get the hell out of my house!  By the way, how on earth did you get here  #5?  You live next door!  How did you get inside my house?"

"Me inside YOUR house?  No dude . . . you're in MY house!  But I'm not freakin' out about it!  Actually I'm hoping you might give me some support.  I mean . . . we've always gotten along.  And we were in those last two operations together.  This master of ours is a piece of work . . . cutting us all up!  Twice now!  And it feels like I may have gone through a 3rd time!!"

"Yea . . . we have been having a tough time of it.  Maybe we would be better if we teamed up and helped each other out, Pinky!"

"That's what I'm thinking, #4!"

"I really do believe you are in my home #5 . . . or maybe our two homes have somehow just been joined into one"

"I don't know man!  This is all just so strange.  My head is 'woosy'!  I want to see what this place looks like now!"

"You can't right now #4.  It's dark in here.  Usually we get some light . . . but  now it's just always dark."

"Yea . . . it is.  I really wanted to see what we look like together, Pinky."

"Me too!  We were both pretty handsome before all this.  If we join up we're BOUND to be twice as good looking!"

"If we're going to be living this close together we better figure out some "house rules."  Like when one of us goes to bed, we both do!  You know . . . stuff like that!"

"Yea . . . we need to work on those #4.  But right now . . . I'm just dying here . . . my head feels like they put a screw all the way through my head and down to almost my metatarsal.  And I can't even feel the head of my metatarsal  It's like it used to be there but now it gone.   But it still hurts like hell . . . even worse than before.  I need to heal up before we do too much planning.  But for right now #4 . . . do you think you could shut up and let me heal???  We can admire ourselves later . . . once the lights come on!"

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