Monday, October 6, 2014

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"Hurry Slowly . . . but Hurry" posts have been lacking lately.  Primarily due to the fact that I simply have nothing of interest or importance to pass along.  So when you have nothing to say . . . say nothing!

Running has been almost non-existent.  I may work in a run each week or so . . . maybe 2 miles.  But just not running.  Yea . . . my foot does still hurt some but that isn't the reason for my slacking.  Honestly, I just don't feel like running.  So I'm not!  Its that simple.  Hopefully this "funk" I've been in will pass and I'll soon feel like picking running back up some.  But right now I'm happy doing what I'm doing . . . pretty much nothing!

And honestly . . . this not running seems to agree with me!  I've lost a significant amount of weight . . . down to 194-197 or so.  And I'm physically feeling good, though I sure can tell I'm not in good shape.  I don't want this reduction in conditioning to drop too far.

My foot is still messed up . . . after two surgeries.  I changed doctors to a foot specialist in Raleigh who examined me and suggested surgery again, though he wasn't really encouraging about the possible outcomes.  He sees the alignment between my 5th metatarsal and phalanges is out and the spacing between the bones look too close indicating arthritis.  He thought there would be a 50% chance of significant improvement, a 40% chance there would be no noticeable improvement and a smaller chance that my foot would hurt worse after the surgery.  So I don't see enough up-side potential to try surgery again.  And it's not like my foot is really all that bad.  I'll just put up with it.

Additionally, I started volunteering at a local elementary school as a math tutor for 3rd graders.  It's been a blast.  Not sure how much I've really help any "get it" with some of the things they are doing . . . but they seem to like the sessions almost as much as I like doing them.  I'm thinking about adding another 1/2 day and help with reading.

Bottom line, I'm trying to add more meaningful things to my days and I'll hopefully find some things that can really help some folks . . . and make me feel better too!!

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