Saturday, July 19, 2008

Okay . . . let's start! Slowly!

I'm a runner. Most of my friends would agree . . . if the term "runner" is used loosely. I'm definitely not a fast runner. My recent marathon times center around 5 hours 15 minutes or so . . . slower if its either hilly or hot . . . a little faster if its cool and flat. Hence, my blog name.

In my past, I used to run faster. Not fast, but at least faster. (PRs: 20 minute 5k; 4 hour marathon). But about three years ago I discovered if I slowed down, carried a camera, stop and take pictures, walk when I want . . . well I had more fun and I was fine to run the next day . . . almost no soreness. So, that's what I started doing!

My goal this year is to run a marathon or more every month. So far so good. But today I was reading a blog a guy I know (Doug "Boogieman" Dawkins) has started, to chronicle his cross-USA run. That's right, cross-USA! ( Guess I need to work on my goals!

If by chance, anyone happens to find this blog of mine, check out Doug's blog . . . and if you happen to live near his route, why don't you offer to help him in his adventure!

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