Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boogie Afterthoughts

Have I ever spent a bunch of time going over in my mind my poor performance at Boogie last weekend (see previous post!)

Here are my conclusions:
  1. My biggest problem was the combination of the Boogie hills with the heat and the humidity. Really not much I can do about the last two, but the first one is something I can work on.
  2. Boogie kicked my ass both physically and mentally. I can work on both of those.
  3. I love the challenge of Boogie. This is a special race. I want to do better.
  4. I didn't quit.
Running Boogie was an accident for me this year. I thought the race was out of the question since I missed the registration cut-off, so I filled my running time with other races that really didn't matter much to me . . . especially God's Country Marathon. I only did that because I didn't get in Boogie.

But when Doug Dawkins called me the Sunday after Sarturday's God's Country and just before Boogie and said there had been a cancellation and I could come, I was so happy I agreed. Forget that the day before I had just finished a hard marathon. I'm not saying I was tired when I ran Boogie, but I certainly wasn't rested. I just need to sign up early and build my schedule around this race if I want to do my best.

Okay . . . I was sick Thursday and Friday before Saturday's race. But I honestly don't believe that had arny impact at all. I wasn't that sick. Maybe increased my time 3-5 minutes TOPS!

One of the really cool aspects of Boogie is the challenge of it all. This race is not easy. God's Country was easy in comparison. Flying Pig was really easy. Myrtle Beach is a "cake walk" compared to Boogie. Boogie gives you a chance to bite off as much as you want: a marathon or a 50-miler. The marathon is as hard as any marathon I know of . . . . the 50-miles is just brutal. I'll have to think about this . . . a real challenge would be the 50.

Bottomline: I'm going to beat Boogie! Or at least have a good enough race next year to call it a drawl. I can't let the bastard just kick my ass and laugh. I'll do races in preparation, but I will be focusing on this race so that I can do my best next year. Then, if my ass gets kicked again . . . well . . . the Boogie wins fair and square. But I'm betting on me!

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