Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweaty Butt 50k is calling . . .

Oh boy!

4th of July! America's birthday! But there is a problem . . . who would plan the 4th holiday when it's hot! Certainly not a runner! Runners like coool . . . cool temperatures and loooow humidities! July 4th . . . . usually not!

Ultra runs should happen between October and May . . . never the summer.

But Mike Day is well known for not caring what makes sense! Mike is all about a challenge! And the Sweaty Butt is definitely a challenge. Not quite like the Hot Times 100 or the Barkley 100, but this is definitely not an easy 50k.

But Mike does make it a little easy . . . you run three 10+ mile loops, so you can opt to bail at 10 or 20. Last year I had decided to bail at 20, but this fool Jeff DuFour shamed me into doing the last loop. Damn that Jeff! But we did have fun! And we finished! All 50K!

This year the humidity is expected to be way less then last year. And the temperatures should be about the same. Overall, easier than the last two years. But my motivation is not very high at all. I'm actually going there thinking 20 miles . . . not the full 50k. But maybe . . .

The cool thing is Ron Fleming is doing the Sweaty Butt as his first ultra!!! No one can accuse him to trying the easy way! He is one tough guy to even try this!

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