Friday, June 12, 2009

How stupid am I?

This is really stupid.

Last Saturday I finished one of the harder marathons I've done . . . God's Country Marathon in Coudersport, PA. A fun race but very hard course.

When I got home Sunday I got a call from my friend Doug "Boogieman" Dawkins, race director for the Boogie Races. I did the marathon last year and really had a blast. Very different, fun race! One of my favorite all-time!

I planned to sign up this year but through my forgetfulness I didn't register until after the deadline . . . and everything was full! Doug's call was to tell me he had a cancellation and I could come if I wanted to. HOW COULD I SAY NO???

Everything was fine until Thursday when I got some intestinal thing. Continued all night Thursday night and all day today . . . maybe a little better. My abdomen is really sore. And my GI tract a mess!

Then, to top it all off, it's supposed to be 91* tomorrow at start of the race!

Guess I'll drive there tomorrow afternoon and see how I feel at the race start. I can decide at the literal "last minute" or, heck, I could run the first 6 mile loop and see if I want to continue. But I've NEVER quite a race I started . . . EVER!

Stay tuned!

Saturday Morning Update:
  • feeling MUCH better!
  • looks like a chance of thunderstorms tonight at Ellerbe! That is good news!

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  1. OH MY GOD you are nuts!!! The suspense is killing me. You are probably running right now... I am thinking good thoughts for you!


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