Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maybe there is something about red shoes . . .

In Anthony Corriveau's blog, "Running-Down", he has been talking about the extra edge that his new red running shoes seem to give him. Quite frankly I was impressed. AC has really been posting some great results, race after race. All because of his new red shoes.

But when I tried some red shoes at the Bay's Mountain Trail 15-miler, the results were dismal. I didn't win. I didn't place. Heck . . . I was damn lucky to just finish! I pretty much told Anthony that his theory was crap! Being the diplomatic person he is, AC explained that the "Red Shoe Theory" had only been tested on 5k runs, so my 15-mile trail run meant nothing. And it's not about running fast . . . this running weapon simply makes you win!

I had pretty much written Anthony off as another running flake, with another "theory" for great performance that was bunk. But maybe I judged AC and his theory too quickly!

Today, we held the Medoc Trail Races Re-run . . . a special Medoc Trail Race for race volunteers and any other that missed the October race. We had a pretty good crowd out for the 8am start.

The day was perfect . . . mid 30s to start and never got out of the 50s all day! I have been nursing a bruise on the bottom of my foot and was not sure how the day would go . . . but I never felt any pain all day from my foot! I felt strong. I went out hard and took the lead right off! Very unusual for me!

I decided to pace myself, so I let two of the marathoners pass me about a mile or so into the race. But from that point on, I hung tough! A few of the 10-milers managed to pass me at about the 6 1/2 mile point but from that point on, no one passed me! So I hung on for a third place finish in the marathon. And I was the first place finisher for males 40 and above! And I'm 60! Here is a shot of me at the awards ceremony! Very impressive!

And the unusual thing is . . . I was wearing red shoes. That's me in front sporting the hot shoes! Okay, AC . . . maybe there is something to your theory!

Okay . . . so there were just three folks running the marathon today. And the 10-milers that passed me started late and had to run about 1 1/2 miles more. But I'm pretty sure if any other marathoners had dared to test me, I would have smoked them!! There just weren't any.


  1. Nice red shoes!
    Though, you would get better performance if they were more flashy. Maybe get some bright orange laces. Congrats on another marathon! How many is that?
    I ran a marathon today as well. I found that the Red shoes are good for endurance too: 5-1/2 hours!

  2. Great job, Frank!

    Sorry to have missed the "rerun" yesterday. I'm sure it was an awesome day!


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