Sunday, November 8, 2009

OBX Marathon has my number!

Score is: OBX Marathon 2; Frank Lilley 0.

Two years in a row, for some reason this race has beaten me. Last year I had an excuse . . . I had been sick and my training had really suffered. Believe I finished in 5:50 or so.

This year my training has been much better . . . did MCM two weeks ago and finished in 5:28. So preparation was not my problem. But there was a problem! Think my time was somewhere around a 5:46 or so. Struggled from mile 18 to about 20, but pulled out of the funk around mile 21 and started running mostly. I actually ran up the bridge and down the other side. But when I got to the bottom of that bridge, I was DONE! Have no idea why but my legs just said NO! We Quit! But I didn't quit . . so they had to just tag along with me till the end fussing the rest of the way!

The first half of OBX is quite nice . . . lots of neighborhoods with lots of fun loving, supportive people! And very nice scenery. Pass the Wright Brothers Memorial. The nice section ended after a 3 mile section through Nags Head Woods!

Then, back to the main road . . . for another 13 miles of boring and ugly running (or in my case walking!). Virtually no redeeming qualities. Ton of cars driving right beside you and very little crowd support. Only nice part is the bridge and the views of Pirates Cove and surrounding marsh. (Really hate to call the climb up to the top of the bridge a "nice" section, but it was about as good as it gets. Really nothing nice about that bridge!)

At least this time the race didn't run out of gels OR beer at the end! I believe I'll just declare OBX the winner . . . and move on!



  1. I did OBX last year, and it did me in too. Have to agree about the two halves, fist half through the neighborhoods is a lot of fun - that second half just took me apart along the highway.

    But anyway, any finish is a finish - congratulations!


  2. Congratulations on another marathon! You are nuts with all the racing, and I can appreciate that. I love your pictures too!! When's the next one?

  3. You just ran a marathon 2 weeks ago!
    Nobody could one fast with so little rest, and most runners would be afraid to even attempt it. Most people are so intimidated by marathons they only do one a year, if they try at all.
    You're fearless Frank! You chew those marathons up and spit them out!

  4. Triple F - Freakin' Fearless Frank!

    Congrats on a job well done!

    Like Jim said, any finish is a finish.... and EVERYONE knows that you are THE MAN! :o)


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