Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rocky Mount Endurance Kids (RMEK)

This morning, after a really nice 10-mile run, I attended the final chapter of this year's RMEK program - a 1-mile run and a 5k run. I think I learned something about running that is REALLY important! Plus, I had a great time!

Tracy, Elaine and Misty . . . you all deserve multiple gold stars for this. I'm so glad Tracy saw the possibilities and made it happen!

Several of these kids showed real running potential . . . really good endurance combined with efficient, fluid strides. One young girl really stood out as a potential future star. Very impressive!

But, as usual, I was drawn to the "back of the pack" runners! The ones running because it's just fun to run! They never expected to win . . . they were just out there to have fun! And they WERE having fun!

The 1-mile race started about 15 minutes after the 5k start and as the kids were walking out to the start with Tracy Proctor, the lead on the RMEK program, one kid was running. Running out ahead. Running back. Then, running out ahead again! He never walked! Just just ran . . . everywhere!

My favorite was a very young black kid, just plugging along all by himself! They had put some cones up to mark the course where I was and this guy used the cones as an obstacle course, winding in and out with his arms up like he was flying! Just having fun!

So the lesson here is to have fun. REALLY have fun! Don't just say, but really, really live it! Have fun running. Be a kid again!

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