Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Rocky Mount Marathon is history

Not sure exactly how many folks ended up participating!

We took the traditional starting lineup picture but then Misty Schmitt, Elaine & Brad Wiesner showed up just before the races started.  Then, once we started running, Michael Forrester showed up.  Plus, when I was finishing 6 miles, Elaine, Misty and introduced me to Husain (?) who was from Atlanta.  So the Rocky Mount Marathon pulled folks from multiple states plus we became an international event!  That's right . . .we went multi-national when Jim Plant from England showed up too.  Next year, we may NOT allow foreigners to participate . . .

It turned out to be a spectacular day.  Cool but clear to start but temperatures rose all day but never got too hot.  And no breeze at all!  Perfect racing weather!

I haven't gotten results from the 1/2 marathon yet, but I understand Elaine Weisner took top honors in the 10k event.  And her husband, Brad, won the 30k event!  Way to go Brad and Elaine . . . keep it in the family!  (Okay . . . we didn't publicize that we were having a 30k event.  It was a last minute decision!)

In the marathon, Jim Plant, with a strong surge over the last mile, finished in first place.  (Now you know why the race committee is re-thinking our policy on foreign entrants!  But Jim does make it more complicated since he is also a US citizen living in Sanford. . . ).  Here is a picture of Jim just before entering the finish line chute, clearly realizing this win was his!

I had considered running the 50k . . . but since there were no other entries in that distance (and I was too damn tired to go further!)  I settled for a second place marathon finish.

Last year's marathon winner, Dave Lavely, was there to defend his title, but was totally missing from the marathon finisher listing!  Guess he opted to drop down to another event . . .

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!  Was really great getting everyone together and a beautiful day.


  1. WOW!! what a good looking crew of runners!!!
    nice frank!!! looks SOOO pretty weather wise!! its so nice to have days like those, after a series of dark and dreary weeks!!
    congrats on 2nd at rocky mount marathon!! woo! :o) laurels run 11mi trail race is in april this year! are you going to come run?

  2. Don't be too impressed! There were just two of us that did the marathon! But it was a perfect day . . . we've all been due some improved weather! I'm glad they are moving the Laurel Run to the spring! Should be absolutely beautiful. As long as it's not the 10th of April, I may well make it!

    Take care!

  3. Just can't quite understand my asian friend!!


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