Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess I have a little attitude!

I read back over my last post and realize how much I "vented."  A little 60 year old attitude popped out!!  Guess I needed to do that . . . I sure didn't mean to offend anyone!  Sorry if I did!

I'm really looking forward to Uwharrie this coming weekend.  Just wish I had signed up for the 40 (I'm saying that now . . . BEFORE I run it!!) But it will be a blast!

Then, its on to Vail, Colorado to visit my daughter, Laurie!  If anyone has any friends going to Vail next week, please advise them to keep clear of the "bunny slope!"


  1. Hey! good luck on Saturday! Hope to see ya there.
    I'll be wearing the Red shoes, probably floating face down in one of the stream crossings.

  2. Red Shoes . . . pulling out all the stops! Good luck to both of you! It really should be a blast!

  3. Have a great run tomorrow, I have a sneaky feeling you will get wet!


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