Friday, February 12, 2010

This may be my big chance!

For the first time in probably 4 years, I'm running a 5k tomorrow . . . or at least I'm suppose to!  But I'm getting more excited by the minute.  Snow is predicted!

This could be my big chance!  Those of you that follow my blog know I've never actually placed in a "real" race!  Sure . . . I won the Rocky Mount Marathon two years ago and the Rocky Mount 50k last year.  But to be honest . . . I was the only official participant in each of these.

But the Sweetheart 5k could be a very different story!  3-4 inches of snow is predicted for tomorrow morning!  YESSSSSSS!  If I can just make the normal 1 hour drive.

And I hope Ralph Willey's driveway is steep!  "Stay home Ralph!  It's probably going to be really bad weather . . . and the driving will be really, really bad!"

I've had six days of rest and I'm ready . . .


  1. Welcome back, Frank! Hope you had a great vacation.

    I hope the race is held tomorrow.... I will be really disappointed if it's cancelled. Michael said the website would be updated by 10:00 PM tonight.

    Hope to see you in RMT in the morning!

  2. Think I'll RUN to RMT if I have a chance of officially placing! Hope you had a good week!


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