Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Medoc Trail Marathon Re-Run

The weather was perfect!  Cold but not really uncomfortable . . . and not windy!  Probably 40 folks showed up to run.  The majority were planning to do the 10-milers but a few hardy souls were there for the full 26.2.

Here is most everyone!  Like herding cats!!

 I got there early as set up our semi-aid station.  The big surprise was Margaret Bentley!  Though Margaret was injured and couldn't run, she had brought hot coffee, hot donuts and sausage biscuits . . . FOR EVERYONE!  Thank you so much Margaret!!

We did the road out-and-back sections first so by the time we were on the trail everyone was spread out.  Russ Hensley was planning to do about 10 miles and decided to hang with me on my first lap (so he wouldn't get lost!!).  Really nice to have company!

It quickly became clear just how many leaves were on the trail.  As we were going up the rocky section near the Dam site you couldn't even see the rocks!!  But they were still there!  All day long almost every step was an adventure!  If you've run Medoc before the leaves have dropped you really can't imagine just how hard it is in late November!  The added mental side makes the whole run way harder!

Russ and I at the bridge.
Russ and I stopped at the shelter at the ~5 mile point to re-supply and grab ANOTHER donut and sausage biscuit!  Down along the creek we saw Richard (from Greenville) coming the wrong way!  I still can't quite figure out how he got to where he was, but he was definitely turned around!  So he joined us for the next 2 miles back to the shelter.  Took spill #1 near the Bluff.  Nothing hurt but my pride!

Once we got to the field, Russ and Richard turned to the picnic shelter, and I continued on.    Plugged in the IPod and enjoyed some music along the way.  Coming down the rocks near dam site, I took spill number 2.  This one scrambled my brain some, so I just sat there for a few minutes to clear the cob webs.

Everything was fine as I continued on over the summit, down the fire road and back to the creek. Felt good and strong at this point.  I took several pictures and just was enjoying my time in the woods.

But as I neared the bridge I tripped again.  No 'tuck and roll', no 'gentle slide'.  This was a thud!  And I knew wasn't so lucky this time.  Not only did it scramble my brain again, but this time I knew I had hurt my wrist / hand.  Finally got up and started running again, but now with every step I could feel the beat of my heart in my thumb!  Not good at all.

Got back to the picnic shelter and saw Charles West there saying he was done . . . just not having a good day at all!  I talked Charles into doing the Bluff Loop with me.  By this time I was beat . . . mentally and even a little physically!  Charles and I called it a day at 17.5 miles.

Just my second DNF . . . twice this year.  The first one bothered me a lot, but this one not so much.  Running just killed my wrist and I really didn't want to risk another fall.  So I'm fine with my decision to quit.

I did enjoy seeing everyone finish their marathons!  Since I am usually one of the last finishers, this is a part I usually miss!  So much fun!

Certainly, Medoc is no cakewalk.  It is a hard run.  But with the leaves like they were it just adds an additional mental challenge.

Here are all the pictures I took.


  1. Don't worry about a dnf. This sounds like it was suposed to just be a nice fun run with a bunch of great friends. Looks like you had beautiful weather on a nice cool day. Don't you just love those leaves!

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