Monday, October 17, 2011


Okay . . . shit happens and any chance of me getting more races in during 2011 is nill.  So if I haven't achieved my 2011 running goals yet they won't get done!  So let's review . . .

Here were my 2011 running goals and my results

#1. Make sure 2011 is a year of FUN in my running.
  • I achieved this goal . . . and that is most important!

#2. Fastest Marathon - Over 5:30.
  • I haven't checked but I really don't need to.  I know I did this.
#3. Number of Marathons or Ultras - Over 14.  Average at least a marathon a month.
  • I did well through June . . . and did technically finish one more marathon at Hinson Lake in September.  So I totaled 10 runs of marathon distance or longer . . . (plus Uwharrie 20 which to me feels like a marathon when I'm done!).  Only one of these was a 'Lilley Special' run where I was the only competitor.  I didn't count long training runs.  Since it's just mid October I'm not feeling too bad about missing this goal.  If the hip had not developed into a huge hindrance, 15-20 was in the bag.
#4. 75 miles or more at the Umstead 100.
  • Okay . . . a fail at Umstead.  I only did 62.5 miles and I'm still disappointed in myself about that.  Physical failures I can stand but Umstead was just a mental failure.  But I did learn.  And finished 75 miles at Goldsboro!  And I honestly believe I could have finish the full 100 at Goldsboro had I not gotten some nasty blisters.  So . . . since I'm keeping the score I'm going to declare success here . . .just not 100% success!
#5. Finish 50 miles at Boogie.
  • Success here.  I was DFL by so far Doug almost had to declare me a 2012 finisher!  But I did finish.  Again, blisters did me in.  Plus, I did have the beginnings of my hip issue.  I didn't complain or write about it, but I was having problems there too, but I just didn't think it was anything other then one of those pains we get as we just get older!

#6. Get at least 4 folks to try an ultra for the first time.
  • I really can't say that I was the reason that Amber Shingleton, Jon Shingleton, Eric Ghilloni and Arthur Bennett finished an ultra.  But I do think I helped some!!  Actually two of there weren't in my original list!  And I few that I had on my list are still there as targets!  Beware folks!  I'm coming after you!

So . . . with my hip surgery this Wednesday, I need to adjust goals so I can continue 2011 with some running goals.  I'm NOT done for the year!

Remaining 2011 Goals
  • So that is my #1 remaining goal for 2011 . . . I will run again after surgery and before the stroke of midnight New Year's Eve.  If I'm able to do that . . . . well . . .then 2011 will have been an awesome year for my running!
  • I was hoping to have a race with my friend Tom Herbst before the end of the year, and that still may happen.  About 4 weeks ago Tom had a very similar surgery to what I'm going to have next week.  Tom may be race ready but I'm afraid that may be a little too ambitious for my recovery.
Will I write to my blog between surgery and when I start running again?  Not really sure.  When I had knee surgery a couple of years ago I did do a daily blog on the recovery to running.  But that was only a 10 period or so.  Not sure I will this time since it will be a longer recovery period (at least 2 weeks on crutches and possibly more depending upon what they find when they stick the arthroscope in and turn on the light!)

If I do write something, I would strongly urge you to not read it.  Zero chance it could even be close to interesting.


  1. "Zero chance it could even be close to interesting."

    What a lie! :-)

    We share goal number 1, even its position in the priority list.

    Best of luck with the surgery, Frank! Recover well!

  2. Oh, man, hip surgery? I hope it goes better than perfectly, Frank. And, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as you achieve those remaining goals for 2011.

  3. Good luck and all that - and looking forward to your updates!

  4. Every time you tell me not to read what you write, I end up checking back in more often. Do I have problems with authority? Noooooo!!!

    Good luck with your surgery. I look forward to your full and speedy recovery.

  5. I certainly hope things went well today. You are probably out of things right now, but Tammy and I have been thinking about you. Goals are goals and you should not meet every goal you have set for yourself. If you met every single goal you set for the year, then you did not aim high enough. In my book, you had a great year and don't let yourself tell yourself you did not. I have a feeling that you will run a step or two before the year tolls away, but make yourself be patient with itself. It is ok.


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