Friday, October 21, 2011

So far so good . . .

Well . . . the surgery is in the past!  Thank God!  Now it just healing and recovery.

This was a super stressful few days for me!  First my son, Michael, was moving to Texas!  That's right!  He got a job with Booz Allen Hamilton in San Antonio and you guessed it . . . he had to leave the day of my surgery.  He had planned to drive me to Raleigh Wednesday morning for the surgery, drive me back to the lake and then leave for Texas.  But issues developed and he had to leave early, so Michael, his two dogs and I piled in his U-Haul van at 5:00 am and drove to Duke Hospital on Wake Forest so I could be there by 6:30.

Luckily, Charles West was able to be there during my surgery and drive me to Rocky Mount, where Connie took over and drove me to the Lake!  Stressful, last minute changes!  The hero of the day was Charles!  For sure.

Surgery was scheduled for 8:30 and I guess we started on time.  I just remember the recovery room and talking with my doctor there.  He told me things were pretty much as he expected based on the MRI . . . he repaired and then detached the labrum, sanded off both the hip socket and the hip ball then reattached the labrum.  He 'released the hip flexor tendon (cut) and repaired the two torn ligaments.

There was a surprise though . . . he found arthritis which was not what we wanted to see.  Nothing he could do to correct arthritis and he can't be sure how much of my pain was coming from the torn labrum and how much from the arthritis.  Guess we'll find out later!

The amazing thing is I've had very little pain.  Took one pain pill the morning after surgery just to see what it felt like.  None since and it is now Friday afternoon.  They don't want me to bend my hip more the 90°.  That is a problem!  Anytime you sit down or stand up you flex more then the 90°.  Plus, when you sit and type on a computer you bend forward more then the allowed 90°.  Just hope this limitation doesn't last long!

Crutches suck!  That's the only real soreness I've had . . . sore muscles from the frickin' crutches!  So how do you carry a glass of wine or an open can of beer?  Beats me!

I'm supposed to be doing leg lifts . . . but that is the only movement that really hurts so I'm holding off a few days on those.   I'm sure I could drive fine . . . even slamming on the brakes.  But no driving for a week at least.

So . . . all in all this has been quite easy so far.


  1. Regarding the beer/wine questions... it *can* be done, trust me. But you don't want to be on crutches long enough to learn that trick...

  2. Glad youre feeling better and getting around well. The beer thing is a problem though. Try a water bottle cage from your bike and a velcro band....

  3. This is easy -- Wine. We know you get your wine from a box. Fetch the box, put it on the table next to your La-Z-Boy, and chug away till your heart's content.

    Beer -- fill a cooler full of ice and a couple of six packs, park it by your La-Z-Boy, and chug away till your heart's content.

    I do like the velcro strap and bottle cage idea though!

    Recover well Frank, you will be back sooner than you know it!


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