Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Hip Report

Okay . . . it's been a totally crazy 12 days since my hip surgery . . .
  • Surgery was Wednesday, October 19th.  Coming home I was nauseous but that only lasted maybe 2 hours.
  • Post surgery, I didn't need any pain pills.  I did take one Thursday morning just to see what it felt like.  Very minimal pain.  Biggest problem was getting my muscles used to crutches.  The first week I couldn't put any weight on my hip.  Very hard getting around and carrying stuff.  Plus, I had a strict 90° rule . . . I couldn't bend my hip to body angle less then this.  This was another pain!  Exercise prescribed: toe touches and leg lifts.  Leg lifts hurt as he had 'released' my hip flexor tendon (released = cut on purpose!)
  • Really early Saturday morning I started passing two kidney stones.  Put in the hospital.  Sunday afternoon I finally passed one, but doctors determined my kidneys were getting at risk and so on Monday morning I had the remaining stone surgically removed.  A really, really tough three days.  Back home Tuesday.
  • Had my post-op meeting with my hip surgeon Thursday.  Everything looked fine and I could start partial weight-bearing.  Found out the 90° rule would last for 4 weeks.  Plus, I couldn't drive for another week!  That sucked!  I have the order to start physical therapy but I can't get there until I start driving . . . first session scheduled for the Friday after I can drive.
  • Started feeling actual pain from my hip!  WTF!  Over a week post-surgery and pain starts??
  • Saturday, I took two crutching excursions one about 300 yards down the hill and then back.  The second about 300 yards the other direction. but Saturday night I had to take a pain pill to sleep.
Okay . . . I can feel my hip range of motion getting smaller and smaller and it's sort of like a cartilage tear in my knee . . . almost 'locking up' at times and feels like its almost dislocated.  And it all started with partial weight-bearing.   I am convinced I am not doing more then the doctor wanted me to do . . . I'm not pushing any limits he set.

Took it fairly easy today (Sunday) but probably went almost as far.  For every other surgery I've had the key to reducing pain was exercise . . . so that is what I plan to do.


  1. I agree that exercise is the key. Weird though that the pain is coming so late. Maybe the kidney stones raised your pain tolerance!

  2. Hmmm...the most pain I had was weeks 3-4....but I guess everyone (and every surgery) is different. Of course - I was no-weight bearing for 6 maybe my pain was atrophy!

    Tom H.

  3. It was a risky thing you did and i felt that you should always follow instructions from your doctor to avoid any complications such as pinnacle metal toxicity.


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