Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick update . . .

Quick update -
  1.  Passed another kidney stone this week.  Small little 'fella and didn't cause all that much pain.  But I have about twelve more of his big brothers just waiting.  I've got to address this.  Waiting is just not okay.
  2. Hip doing really well.  Get to start walking tomorrow!  And I get to drive!  Big day!
Overall . . . things are really, really good.  Just can't wait to start training again.

Looks like Tom Herbst has a couple of days head start on me.  Tom had his hip surgery about 6 weeks ago . . . something a little more serious then mine.  But Tom has completed several 100 milers . . . plus he is way younger then me!  But I'm still willing to spot him these advantages . . . I'm just looking at this as an even start.

While we haven't decided on a race yet, we plan to have a spring competition.  Most miles completed will win!  I can taste my prize beer already!  Tom better make sure its really, really cold!


  1. Glad to hear you on the mend. Keep dreaming of your frosty beer! Looking forward to seeing you on the trails soon.

  2. Keep healing ! Glad to see you can move around again

  3. Thanks for the update and I know you want the stones issue to be over. I guess you now know what real pain is. Glad to know you can now drive and are somewhat more mobile.

  4. The beer shall be wet, and cold it will be! A spring race? Guess we should start looking around, or begin serious planning for "The Geezer Limptastic 7.5 Hour Run-As-You-Please Race"

    Tom H


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