Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another boring update!

Smokin'  !!!!!

.58 miles today!  And my walking pace was pretty good . . . around 18:30 pace!  Woo Hoo!!

This week I did visit my doctor.  I was concerned that I didn't have a pain pill for two weeks . . . but when I started walking and began physical therapy, my pain level increased and hadn't gotten any better.  I was concerned that maybe during my kidney stone experience I had messed up my hip.

Dr. Jones listened and then got some x-rays.  Bottomline: everything looks good.  I just need to show more patience.  One thing he showed me really blew my mind . . . a before and after view of my femur head.  It really amazed me how much bone he had removed . . . bone that was causing the labrum tear. 

He wants me to keep after PT without pushing through sharp pain.  Just brush up against the pain.  Show patience.  He reminded me I had big surgery.  He really did a whole lot of repair and correction and it would all take time to heal.  Pain may continue up to 6 weeks post surgery and possibly even more.

So I will show more patience.

.58 miles sure isn't very far.  But quite frankly it was all I needed to do.

So when will I be able to resume running?  Good question!  I really am not sure.  But I'm pretty sure it will be awhile!

Patience!!  Patience!!  Close you're eyes!  Take a deep breath . . . exhale slowly . . .  relax . . . it will come . . .


  1. Having had 5 knee surgeries, I concur with your Doc. Patience.... Better later, than never.

  2. Recover slowly, recover well.
    We will meet again at sunrise at the Boogie!
    Kidney stones? I Googled how to avoid them in response to your painful post. If they trump knee surgery that must be a special kind of pain.

  3. Knee surgery (I've had three . . . one open and two arthoscopes) is NOTHING compared to a kidney stone working it's way down! Not even in the same realm.

  4. Uhh...and not even in the same area!

    Tom H.


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