Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too much or too little , , ,

Just a quick little update. 

My hip doctor told me that . . .
  • once I started walking (November 2nd) I should initially walk no more the 1/2 mile.  Fine.  So far, so good.
  • when I add distance I should add no more the 10% at a time.
He didn't tell me . . .
  • How many times a day I should walk the 1/2 mile.
  • How long of a break I need between these 1/2 mile walks
  • how often I could add distance . . . every walk?  every day? every week?
As a good patient how am I supposed to know these things??   :-)

So if he meant 1 walk per day and increases 10% per week, today I should have walked .61 miles.
But if he meant 1 walk per day and increase 10% per day, today I should have walked 1.9 miles.
But if 2 walks per day was okay and add 10% to every walk, today I should have walked 7.93 miles.

Well, in my confusion today I walked 2 miles. 

What am I?  A frickin' mind reader? So did I walk too much or too little?  I can't read his mind!!  (And I won't call!!!   :-)  )  I'm thinking that maybe I should step it up!


  1. You're adopting Amy's interpretation to doctor's order.

  2. Hi Frank, I pulled out a spreadsheet, and according to my calculations, if you walk several times a day, each time increasing your distance by 10%, then by the end of the week you should be walking 53 miles a day.

  3. Hey, I resemble that remark! :)

  4. so... How far DiD you walk? er, I mean, how often did you walk?

  5. Rick - Dr. Body says I'm okay. It hurts, but it doesn't get any worse as I go.

    Brett - I like it! So I'm behind and I need to 'pick it up!'

    Amy - you have soooo earned Jim's comment!

    Denise - I'm just doing one walk a day.

  6. It would be even funnier if you were kidding.... Glad (and not surprised)to hear youre back at it.

  7. Believe I need to add a little more to my blog post. What I wrote is really the instructions I got. But I did leave out that I did check with my doctor whan I first went 1 mile just to make sure and he was fine with what I was doing.

    Given to amount of bone he removed, I wouldn't put myself at serious risk.

    But my instructions weren't clear and I really didn't know my imposed limits.

  8. I believe it's more a matter of that the instructions were designed for the lowest common denominator and while the Docs know they need to modify them for fit active people its more art than science. Naturally they err on the side of caution.

  9. In that last scenario, you'll be back up to 24 hour walks in no time. :-)


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