Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 . . . another frickin' goal post!

Okay . . . in a prior post I already re-capped my 2011 goals and my actual results.  Not a stellar year by my measure, but I did okay considering.

But now it's 2012 and it's time to look forward and set some goals for the year.  I really do believe we all need stated goals we work towards but I'm a little afraid to set too many running goals for 2012.  I do have to be careful.  I know.  So . . . . I do hereby declare 2012 to officially be know as the "Year of Recovery."  2013 will be the "Year of Success" . . . more on that in late 2012!

Okay so here are my 2012 goals in no particular order . . . except #1.

1.  Have fun running!  That goal has been my #1 goal for the last several years and it will continue to be for as long as I can run.  The FUN is the single thing that keeps me doing it.  As soon as it stops being fun my motivation drop and my whole outlook on life sours.  Seriously.  So I'll strive for fun at any cost!

2.  Run injury free all year.  Okay . . . to some degree I can't control this goal so it really might not be the best goal.  But I can influence being injury free by to trying to not progress too fast.  Plus, I can sure lose some weight.

3.  Run a marathon in May or before (but still abiding by goal #2).  If my recovery goes according to plan, this should be a piece of cake!  But I do want to keep myself focused on building up as long as my hip let's me.

4.  Complete a run 50 miles before year end.  Again, this should be fairly easy assuming my recovery continues on track.  I really should make it a 100k . . . and maybe I will.  But I need to keep this easy.

5.  Host a new running event . . . one quite different for any other I've seen.  I have some ideas and and the beginning of a plan.  So we'll see . . . more to come on this one!

Okay . . . that's not too many goals and I do think they are realistic and achievable.  2012 does need to be fairly easy . . . especially since it is the 'Year of Recovery"!!

Also, I have a few New Years Resolutions . . .
  • Lose some weight . . . not going to go crazy here.  If I dropped too much I would run so much faster . . .  then I would have to re-name this blog.   Way too much trouble.
  • Keep a positive, fun attitude . . . no matter what!  There are things on the horizon that look like potentially cloudy skies.  I have to force myself to remember it's the rain that makes the forests grow.  Everything in life is an opportunity.  And each of us CHOOSE how we react to everything that happens.  Find a bright side always . . . and then focus on that!
  • Do more backpacking and fly fishing.  I've sort of gotten away from these two loves of mine and that's a shame!  I need to make time for these just like I make time for running.  Heck . . . I can easily combine these!
  • Do more to help others.  I can do more than I do today . . . and I should.  And I will.
  • Do what I can to help get America back "on track."  My focus will be to do what I can to bring term limits to our representatives . . . state and federal.  In my eyes, congressmen always thinking about the polls and how to stay in office is a root cause of why America doesn't address such key issues as our crushing debt.  True, the chances of my efforts being meaningful are very, very slim.  But I can try.  And I will.


  1. Sounds great, Frank!

    And #5 has me quite intrigued... can't wait to hear more! Just don't make it a 100- miler. LOL

  2. Great stuff Frank! Here's to a great 2012! Keep me posted on #5. I am always up for something new. Happy New Year!

  3. I think labeling 2012 as the year of recovery is great. It will keep you focussed on having fun and getting your body back in shape and not just getting faster which could set you back. Wonderful approach. Your last bullet point under # 5 is so true!

  4. I don't know whether to be scared or excited about your ideas for the run you are hosting.

    I totally agree about having fun, it really is the key to everything - recover well, and have tons of fun along the way.

    Happy New Year.


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