Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free at Last! Free at Last!

Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, I am free at last!"

Today, Dr. Jones 'released' me!  I can now return to running as I feel like I should!  Sweet!  Obviously he is pleased with my progress and so am I.

But realistically I haven't been able to do all he allowed me to do.  He wasn't holding me back . . . I was.  If I followed his plan to the max I could have been up to probably 10 miles or more.  But I know I'm increasing as fast as my body thinks I should.  And I'm fine with that!

This last weekend I ran 5.8 Medoc miles.  And I could have done more I'm sure.  But I held back.  Dr Jones would have been prould of my restraint.

And quite frankly I've been real prould of him.  He did keep me 'throdled back' some but his advice was spot on.  Once he let me start running I started trying to push it some.  When the pain came back he told me to back off to 'every other day' for my runs.  EXACTLY what I needed.  Some day I need a day';s rest.  Some I need two days rest.  But it's working great!  Obviously, he did a great job as a surgeon.  But he as also do a great job helping me with my recovery!  He is almost as excited as I am for me to finally finish my first 100 miler!

So when will I be ready for another 100 mile attempt?  I really don't know yet.  Certainly not this spring and probably not in the fall.  I'm thinking Umstead in 2013 may well  be my target.

How cool will it be when I actuallly finish my very first 100 miler AFTER hip surgery!!  Not sure if that as ever been done or not!  But I'm pretty excited to give it a go!!  Hopefully my hip will be "on board!"


  1. Good news Frank. Welcome back to this craziness :)

  2. Looking forward to watching you get in your best ultra shape ever !

  3. I am totally thrilled for you Frank. You are on your way to becoming stronger than ever. Just like the six million dollar man!


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