Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to get serious!

Oh how quickly things can change.  We runners know that.  Sweet, flat pine needle sections can quickly give way to brutal, steep, rock/rooty uphills that just kill you and suck the oxygen out of your lungs.  As runners . . . we learn to just take it as it comes.  We try to anticipate, but that doesn't always work.  A good plan is a flexible plan.

Okay . . . my running just plain sucks right now.  I can manage 3-4 miles . . . barely.  And pace . . . what's that??  My speed is slowing down to the point where soon I will have to measure my mile speed in quarter-hours per mile not minutes.

Things aren't going to just magically get better by itself.  I have to make some positive changes or else things will just continue on at their current trajectory . . I'll turn into a rock in four more years!!

So I decided to focus my efforts at getting better and remove all the 'stuff' that is getting in my way.  I've decided to make some huge changes in my life so I can focus things on improving my running.

One thing getting between me and a 4 hour marathon is my hip.  But realistically I've done all I need to do to remove it as an obstacle.  Surgery and later physical therapy has gone well and the hip really is improving every day. Maybe not very fast . . .certainly not as fast as I want.  But there is nothing to do except give it some time.  So I will . . .

So . . . "Hip . . . you have until March 2nd to totally heal.  Period.  You better get with the program!  Beginning March 3rd I'm starting my new training program and you better be on board!"

So what else is hindering my training you ask?  Well . . . my job for one thing! 9 ours a day, five days a week!  That is a lot of time . . . time I could be spending training.  Sooooo . . . no more job!  That's right.  I'll just stop work so I can focus my efforts on running!  I mean . . . it should be worth it!  Right?  Imaging the thrill of finally finishing a 100-miler!  Doesn't that outweigh any joy I get from a silly paycheck?  Maybe I'll get a little job that doesn't take quite so much time . . . something mindless (I should be able to excel at that!!!).  Possible options include:

1) Walmart greeter,
2) statue polisher,
3) fly fishing guide (but that could be a problem 'cause I would have to be able to out-think a fish),
4) professional blogger (pay would suck),
5) career coach (anyone that would hire me would be even more stupid then me), or
6) professional backpacker (warm weather only!)

       (I would love some additional ideas and options you think might be 'down my line!')

Sure . . . things will get tight financially!  I'll just have to cut back on some things.  But it will be worth it!  Lot's if final plans to be made, but senior Olympics here I come!


  1. Street performer? You could set a treadmill on the corner with a tip jar for passers by...

  2. Great idea Sean! But I'll have to 'steal' power to the treadmill!

    On Facebook someone suggested 'a suntan lotion applier' (only female clients!!). Think I'll go for this one first!!! :-)

  3. I knew this day was coming, but when I just pulled up your blog a few minutes ago, I have to say I was not expecting this. I don't know what you will wind up doing for a part time job, but whatever it is don't do something that will tie you down. Do something fun and enjoyable as you have earned it. Tammy is getting closer to that point. I have told her that she is the best crew around so why not be a proffessional crew person. Certainly not a bad way to go when you are not running. Maybe not a lot of money in it, but if someone paid your gas money to go hang out with your favorite friends, not a bad way to go. Remember that when you least expect something, it will hit you in the face.

  4. I like the way Rick thinks.


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