Friday, March 2, 2012

Life #3

Today may be the first day of my third life.

Life 1 was that of a kid.  No responsibilities and no timetables except those imposed on me either by my parents or at school.  It was awesome.

Life 2 was my working life.  Family and my job made this another fun life!  Rewarding and challenging.  It was awesome.

Now . . . either I have a brief pause in Life 2 or I've moved into Life 3 . . . not totally sure right now.  But there are options.  Plus, my family remains and so does my health!  It is awesome!

And through it all . . . some very good friends!

I'm a very lucky man.


  1. Nice "count your blessings" post. I feel blessed with family and health as well. At 55 and a late starter to distance running I am slowly deciding I may never attempt a 100 Miler. It causes some regret that I was not running all my life. But when I think how many people I know who have run marathons and would then attempt any ultra distance I regain the sense that all I have accomplished is special.

    I have a tolerant wife and three incredible daughters.
    I have a profession (special education teacher) that I love (most days).
    I need more $$$, but I wouldn't trade any of the above for it.
    Again, nice post.


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