Sunday, September 16, 2012


I said I would do it if I ever finished a 100 mile race. 

I can't remember now whose tattoo I saw several year ago that caught my attention.  But I saw someone's new tattoo that they had gotten when they had finished their first 100 miler . . . and it seemed a fitting reason to get one. So I decided then that I would do the same thing if I ever finished one!

No sooner then 30 minutes after I finished, Connie posted to Facebook, "Now, the big question of where will your tattoo go???"

At the time I didn't know.  But with the help artistic help of Eric Ghiloni and his advice on where to go (Cliff at Modern Electric Tattoo) I decided on this.  Connie's reaction . . . "I knew you were going to do it but I didn't think it would be THIS BIG!"

Everyone asks how bad it hurt when they were doing it.  The answer is hardly at all.  Honestly. 

But it is sure itching now!

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