Thursday, September 27, 2012

Volunteering at Hinson Lake

Well . . . it's mid-day Thursday and my foot tendonitis still hurts . . . actually got worse yesterday for no apparent reason!  Stupid foot!

So I sent a FB message to Tom Gabell that I was giving up my spot.  But I'm still planning to travel to Rockingham, see friends, cheer folks on, and volunteer as Tom needs me.  But no running.

I was really hoping to run and had set my sights on 75 miles as a good target.  Guess that will have to wait!  Crooked Road is the next 24 hour unless I want to run one at the track in Kinston on October 27th . . . not so sure about a track 24 hour . . .

Anyway . . . the best news is my hip CONTINUES to not have any pain!!  This tendonitis crap will pass and then I'll get back to some hopefully smart training.

And a lot of training is need for my next big adventure.  But that will have to wait . . .

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