Saturday, September 22, 2012

Running without pain

I can't believe it!  My hip is STILL not hurting!

I never realized just how much pain I was having . . . now I know I was having a constant low-grade pain all the time.  But I wasn't aware of it!  Seriously!  Guess you just get use to it!

Now, it feels fantastic to run without my hip fussing at me.  So . . . what did I do?

I overdid it!

There is a hill near my house . . . down maybe 1/4 mile losing maybe 50-60 feet, the back up the other side with equal distance and gain.  I walk down the hill, run up, turn around, walk down, then run up.  I call it 'my rocking chair.'

I haven't run hills or intervals since my hip started hurting 18 months ago.  So Monday I did three repeats on the rocking chair after a 3 mile warm-up.  Up on my toes on the uphills.  Stupid!  I knew better.  But I was just so excited and it felt so good . . .

So I inflamed a tendon on the outside of my foot.  Doctor x-rayed it and says no stress fracture.  I've played it smart and haven't run since.  It's Saturday and I'm starting to feel better already.

Should be 'good to go' by Hinson time next Saturday.  Hinson goal . . . 100k.

But I've got to remember to ease back into running.

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  1. That is incredibly cool, Frank! Glad you managed to grind out that scar tissue that was hobbling you.


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