Tuesday, January 7, 2014

At least one more week

I had really hoped that my doctor would cut me a break!

Okay . . . I really don't want to try and do too much too fast.  That is a recipe for long-term disaster.  But part of what my doctor has me doing just plain doesn't make good sense to me.

See . . .After two weeks he took my stitches out and I got to see everything.  But then he re-wrapped my foot in bandages and put me in a surgical shoe, telling me to be absolutely 100% certain I kept 100% of my weight on my heel and to not bends my toes AT ALL!  Plus, I can't get my foot and bandages wet!  Sounds simple until you actually try and do this.  I can only take 1/2 steps with this foot and keeping all my weight on my heel has caused a weird thing to happen with every step . . . there is some tendon at my heel that sort of "clicks" to the side with every freakin' step!  Doesn't really HURT . . . but it just feels GROSS!!!  Real GROSS!

I bought a gel heel pad to put in the surgical shoe, and it does help some.  But the key word here is "some!"

So I asked my doctor if I could take off the bandages and start wearing flop-flops if I promised to still keep my weight on my heel.  I have a pair of super cushioned flip-flops and some awesome tabi fleece socks to keep my feet toasty!! 

I just can't imagine why the bandaging is still important . . . the freakin' stitches are all gone!  The skin has to be healed so why the bandages?  And why can't I shower normally???  And honestly . . . the surgical shoe seems to do NOTHING!  I have to concentrate to keep all my weight on my heel.  Why can't I do that in flip-flops too?

Well . . . doctor says "No!"  So I'll do what he says.  I'm a VERY good patient!!  Hahahaha!  Next appointment is this coming Monday . . . so maybe . . . just maybe . . . I can ditch the shoe and bandages!!  We'll see!!

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