Sunday, January 12, 2014

What a scary dream . . .

Night before last I had a REALLY scary dream!  I know I dream a lot but I rarely remember any of my dreams.  But this dream I had two nights ago really got me!!

I was in my doctors office and my doctor's nurse, Heather, was taking the bandages off my foot.  In my dream I remembered that 2 weeks ago when they took my cast off, removed my stitches and re-bandaged everything I got to see my foot and I was really pleased how straight my toes now were.  So, in this dream I didn't watch as Heather took my bandaging off.  But then . . . she said something like "Oh no!" . . . so I looked down at my foot!

All I can say is that it was hideous!!

My little toe was sticking out to the side at 90° . . . and the 4th toe was all twisted and pointing to the right!!!  It was all discolored and swollen.  I freaked out!

I asked Heather what the hell happened and she said she had no idea!!  "It looked fine before.  I have no idea what happened, Frank!  But I'm pretty sure Dr. Purvis is going to want to take these toes off now!!" 

And I was just going crazy thinking about ANOTHER foot surgery!

I woke myself up and knew it was only a dream . . . but every time I went back to sleep this same dream played again!!  Like a freakin' movie!!

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