Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time to start thinking of a new career.

Had a 4 week post-op check-up yesterday and things are looking good according to my doctor!  That's nice to hear but I was a little distracted looking at my toes!  I'm guessing his definition of "looking good" is a little different than mine!

All my dreams of becoming a world famous "foot model" are now gone . . . for good!  Unless I want to try had have cosmetic foot surgery!  Steven Jacobson pointed out the obvious "fit" in me filming a Franzia commercial . . . in a vat . . . stomping grapes with my feet!!  I'm sure they would have paid me big bucks!  I'm mean having a "well-know" Franzia drinker with sexy toes stomping grapes to make more wine!!  A match made in heaven.

But alas . . . looking at my right foot now it's clear that my life will need to take a different direction.  A direction that won't invole making a living with women lusting after my feet!!

But as far as the surgery went . . . things ARE looking good!!

My doctor is telling me that the bone is healing nicely but I have to give it another 2-3 weeks minimum (x-ray showed the bone on #4 still has healing to go).  So I have to continue to keep my weight on my heal but can slowly start transitioning a little more weight to my forefoot after another week or two . . . depending on how it feels when I try it.  If it hurts . . . don't don't do it!

But bandaging is gone, I can get my foot wet now, and my cane and surgical shoe are now HISTORY!!  See 'ya!!

I'm sporting some super cushioned flip-flops to allow for swelling and some odd kind of foot splint that keeps my toes pointing down!!  lol  Whatever!

Here are two pictures . . . one the day before my second surgery and one taken this morning!  (Don't get all freaked out about how red my foot is now . . . it just finish getting a really hard scrubbing!!!  I'm betting tomorrow it won't be nearly as red!!)  A little swollen but not bad at all!
Day before 2nd Surgery

4 weeks after 2nd surgery

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