Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Better . . . but progress is slow.

I am improving!!

When I think about have I improved from yesterday . . . well . . . I don't see progress.  But when I think about how I've improved over the last two weeks I can see progress!

As you would expect, the mobility of my foot and ankle suffered greatly through the 10 weeks on inactivity due to the dislocations and then 6 weeks in a cast on crutches.  So I have a long way to go the get back my flexibility and a full range of motion.  But I am starting to see progress likely due to my physical therapy . . . Elaine Weisner has been great.  Lots of different exercises and things to try.

Both the swelling and the discoloration have improved marginally.  I can see and feel a difference but both remain.  Elaine has given me several things that hopefully will assist here.

Pain on the bottom of my foot continues with virtually no improvement.  That's a little discouraging but honestly the pain is just a 2 or 3.  I can deal with that . . . though it would be nice to leave the pain behind!

Over the last three weeks I have been working on my overall fitness and here I am definitely seeing the most progress.  I started swimming.  My first swim kicked my butt!  I could only make it about 25 yards and I was totally out of breath.  I rested and swam another 25 yards!  I was DONE!

Now I swimming maybe 1,000 yards or more and only resting a little.  It was really cool to see the quick progress!  Made me feel a little better about myself!

I'm also doing other exercises and progressing there too!  So I'm feeling much better about myself finally!

I have done several ~1 mile walks and tomorrow I will be doing even more as I mark part of the Medoc Meltdown 50k course!  I'm excited to see how my walking progress is.  Even if the doctor said it was okay, I don't believe I would be running quite yet.  But once he gives me the "green light" I plan to start testing the waters.  But I'll have to watch the pain pretty closely.

With the Meltdown, I'll be spending a lot of time on my feet so this will be a GREAT test!

I honestly thought I would be running by now . . . but I'm guessing my age is playing a factor here (my physical age . . . not my mental age!!).  Maybe that's not the reason - I don't know for sure.  But progress is slow . . . BUT THERE IS PROGRESS!!!


  1. Small progress is definitely better than no progress at all! While it’s great that you’re able to stretch out and do things with minimal pain, taking it slow on those injured parts may be prudent to avoid re-injuring them again. I would be a shame if you finally get your stride, only to be down again due to the same injury. – Corine

    1. Thanks for the comment Corine! A lot has happened since July!! It's all in more recent blog posts! But bottomline . . . I'm writing this from my chair with that foot elevated in a cast!!! Hahahaha!!!


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