Monday, July 8, 2013

Next Status Update!

Some really good news . . . I am now officially out of my cast!  And the pin is out of my toe!

Huge step for me!  And I'm really excited.  The cast removal is nothing and the removal of the pin from my toe was 100% painless!  Honestly!  Want to see it removed??

But the news wasn't 100% positive.  My doctor said he was a little disappointed in how straight the bone alignment was.  He had hoped for better.  But . . . like he said . . . God does it right and he just tried to get as close to that as he can!!

Looking at it now there doesn't appear to be an issue . . . for instance the toe isn't just sticking out to the side or anything!!  It really looks good to me!

But Dr. Purvis worries that if I try and do too much it could just slip back out of place.  Not a good thing for sure!

So my directions are to just keep everything to simple walking around . . . no fitness walking at all for the next 3 weeks.  And no exercises that would cause my toes to bend (pushups, planks, etc.).  He is hoping that in these three weeks scar tissue etc. will develop to hold everything together and in place.

I'm good with that!

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