Monday, July 22, 2013

Gout? Maybe not . . .

After over a week on gout medication there is no noticeable change in my foot!  Still swollen and discolored.  No better but no worse either!

My doctor says my uric acid level is high.  That seems to mean this MAY be gout.  But it is not proof that it is.  And he feels like the medicine I've been taking should have had an effect by now if it was gout . . . but he still wants me to continue taking the gout meds!

So honestly he really just doesn't know what's wrong.  So he is sending me to physical therapy!  I guess this makes sense!!

So tomorrow I find a PT and give him my doctor's orders (heck . . . I can't read them!).

But I'm thinking it is getting close to time that I take over responsibility for my recovery.  I won't do anything crazy  But I'm going to really listen to all the aches and pains and figure out how to get back into walking . . . and then running.  I have a way to go.  But right now I'm just sort of stuck at wherever it is I am in my recovery.  Time to move forward.

And speaking of moving forward, I have begun exercising and I can already see positive differences!  Very exciting to me!

I'm swimming.  First day I about died and swam maybe 100 yards with a good rest at halfway!!!!  Today, about 1 week later, I swam probably close to 800-900 yards (5 laps across the cove) and I know I could have done more . . . just got bored!

Also I'm doing crunches, various leg lifts with resistance bands, and arm exercises.  Have to be careful as my left wrist is now healing since I'm off crutches.  And I really can't use my toes yet.  So things like pushups and planks will have to wait.

So at least I feel like I'm moving forward rather than backwards.  And soon I'm hoping I'll be walking for actual exercise!!

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