Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Temporary Halt to All Hurrying.

This last weekend was the weekend of my semi-son's wedding . . . a great time to stop hurrying and simply enjoy life and celebrate his happiness.

Okay, it's a fair question. In my case my semi-son, James, is a terrific young man who came to live with my family after life threw him some unfair curve-balls while he was in high school. Not adopted, but totally a part of our family.

So, we all headed to New Bern, NC for James' wedding. And the parties! Went to the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner . . . then it happened. I started getting sick. At 3am I went to the New Bern Hospital, was give some super-potent antibiotic shots and sent back to the hotel to hope I might get enough better to attend the wedding. (Seems I got a urinary tract infection from my test earlier this week!)

Turns out my attending the wedding wasn't even close. Talk about something that totally sucks!

At least the next morning I started feeling way better (I could stand!) and went to the post-wedding brunch which was real nice. Got to see James and Cheryl, his new bride.

Really thought I was on the road to recovery. My son Michael and I left New Bern and drove to Lake Gaston. By the time I arrived I was having a sinking spell. After 15 minutes I called the emergency number for my Rocky Mount urologist, and was told to get to the Rocky Mount hospital as fast as I possibly could. Son drove and turned a 55 minute trip into a 30 minute one!! He loved it!!

So I spent two nights in the Rocky Mount hospital but really feel better now! Hope the infection is totally killed this time!

Tonight I got to see the wedding pictures from my brother-in-law's camera, his daughter-in-law's camera and my camera. It was a great wedding and the pictures helped . . . some. But missing the wedding is a huge loss to me.

So Wednesday its back to work!

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