Thursday, August 28, 2008

On to more happy times!

I'm excited! Tomorrow is my last day on Levaquin!! All right!

So, now I just need to wait a week or so the get it out of my system and I can start running again! Seems like it's been forever . . . bet I gained 10 pounds! Oh well, I'll get it off quickly once I re-start training. Still hoping to be able to run the OBX marathon in early November.

The Fat Ass run Cam Kelly and I put on last weekend seemed to go well. I get a real kick when someone runs a trail for the first time. For this run Amber Poole and her significant other John but ran a trail for the first time and the are BOTH fired up about it. True its harder, but way prettier and more rewarding. John about doubled his previous long run! Great job you two!

And to beat it all, Cam got in some chiggers and they have eaten him up! No good deed goes unpunished.

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