Monday, July 19, 2010

Knee Surgery - Day 10 - Final Blog

Okay . . . I'm done with all this selfish blogging about this surgery!  Let's just call the knee "well" or maybe "fixed" . .  or perhaps "good enough!"  Time to move on!

Today, I had my final visit with Dr. Rob Jones.  Stitches are out, I have the pictures of what he did, and his encouragement to do all I feel like I can do!  Not only is Rob a really, really good surgeon, his philosophy on recovery matches what just feels right to me . . . get up, get moving, do all you can do without creating further injury or damage.  Push it!

Rob cut out a nice-sized chunk of meniscus, and then did a ton of trimming and cleaning up some areas that were damaged by the flapping meniscus.  In the pictures, you can easily see where the flap of meniscus was locking up my joint and where it had done some significant damage to the surrounding area.  Glad I did the surgery when I did.  Not sure how I did both Boogie and Leadville . . . but I did (almost!)  Believe Rob gives an 100,000 mile warranty with each knee surgery!

Today I ran 3.1 miles with no unusual discomfort or pain.  That is not to say I'm totally pain free, but the pain doesn't get any worst during or after running . . . and Rob agrees this is okay.  We talked about me trying 13-15 miles this coming weekend and he is fine with it as long as the pain/discomfort doesn't change as I run.

So . . . I'm declaring myself well and will end this stupid series of posts.  I'm returning back to my normal boring dribble, as I chronicle the convergence of my "running pace" with my "walking pace."


  1. You are back to being a runner so now you can take things slow and easy. You don't want that 100,000 mile warranty to end too soon. Sounds like your surgeon took good care of you. Congratulations on your knee feeling so good in such a short period of time.

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