Saturday, July 10, 2010

Knee Surgery - Day of Operation

Okay . . . these next few posts will be boring for sure.  I'm just going to chronicle my recovery from surgery.  I'm sure there won't be anything interesting, clever or funny . . . Strongly suggest you skip these.

Up early and drove to Raleigh the the Duke Hospital on Wake Forrest with my son, Michael.  Got there at 7:45 am, checked in, got prepped, wheeled into operating room, chatted briefly with my doctor and the staff, woke up and was on the road home by 11 am (I believe!).  Quickly stopped for a burger and coke and was home in Littleton by 12:45!

Doctor said there was a simple meniscus tear which he trimmed off.  I should be good to go!

Virtually no pain this day.  Kept ice on it all day with a neat new machine called a Polar Care 300.  Used crutches with no weight bearing.  Took two pain pills in the evening, but really didn't need them.  Pain wasn't bad at all . . . nurses said to try and stay ahead of the pain.  I just don't like to take pills unless I absolutely need them.

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