Monday, July 12, 2010

Knee Surgery - Day 4

Okay . . . this blog about my surgery is getting old . . . for me and my readers . . . both of you!  But today's post needs to be written!

I believe it should be a requirement that each person having a meniscus tear cut away should be REQUIRED to 1) spend at least 15 minutes on an ellipse machine and 2) do 5 minutes of knee lifts with no machine weight added.  And this needs to be completed 3-5 days after surgery.

I can't tell you how much this helped me today!  Pain hasn't been too bad, but my range of motion has been limited and I still was having trouble walking pain-free and limp-free.  So at lunch I went to the Y for my daily exercise.  And the results were nothing short of miraculous!  I'm walking almost normally!  And much increased range of motion.

Now the exercise session was not without pain!  But not pain from the surgery . . . it was pain associated with exercising limited range of motion.

My only problem remaining is my frickin' back!  While hooking up the icing machine I have twice 'tweeked' my back.  Because of that, I'm still hurting!  But the surgery pain is almost 100% GONE!

If my back is doing better tomorrow, I'll hit the ellipse machine fairly hard.  Then, Wednesday maybe a very easy, slow run of 1/4 mile or so.

And yes . . . this is with my doctor's blessing as long as I promise to stop immediately if I feel ANY unusual pain at all!

Then, it's add a mile or so a day.


  1. glad the rehab is going well. Hopefully you'll be back to regular running soon

  2. Improvement is around every corner. It will not be long until you are rehabbing the rehabbers. This is all wonderful news. Remember, come back slowly. They say that is the secret to this injury. I for one though do not share your sentiments that all of us should get to experience a meniscus tear. I will take your word that it is so much fun. Be sure to ice your back. Enjoy the day!


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