Friday, July 16, 2010

Knee Surgery - One week after

Short and sweet this time.

Today I ran!  Only did about 1/4 mile (I promise!) and no pain . . .  at least no change in how the knee feels . . . but there is always a tiny bit of pain still.  Dr. Jones told me to stop immediately if I felt any change in the  pain whatsoever when I ran.  I felt none!

Finished up with about 15 minutes and the ellipse and 15 minutes on the bike.

My back is better . . . maybe 75% of normal.  That's real PROGRESS!!


  1. Congratulatons. Sounds like the knee and back are on the road to recovery. Now go and enjoy your relaxed weekend. It will not be long until you start cramming them full with some trail race!

  2. Sounds good!

    So which marathon is gonna be first???


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