Sunday, July 11, 2010

Knee Surgery - Day 3

What a difference a day makes!

Got up this morning and the knee felt okay, so I decided no crutches today.  I took about four 'long' walks . . . down about two houses and back!  Plus, once down to the lake.  The 'down to the lake' wasn't a problem but climbing back up the hill was a little challenging.

Took the bandages off this morning and things look very good.  Just swelling.  To keep the swelling down some, I'm still keeping ice on the knee as I'm sitting around.

I definitely could have done the ellipse machine today (and really should have) but decided to not drive an hour to Rocky Mount just for that.  Connie and Michael were here at the lake and just didn't want to leave.

My range of motion has reduced dramatically . . .  I've got lot's of work to do there!

I did try driving the car today . . . 5 speed manual.  NO PROBLEM AT ALL!  That's a big relief!  I took one pain pill when I got up this morning and one about 2 pm.  Didn't really need them, but just remembered the nurse said to stay ahead of the pain.  No pain pills tomorrow.

I'm definitely looking forward to the ellipse machine at the Y tomorrow.  I believe this will help me with my range of motion plus a little aerobic possibly.

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  1. Certainly sounds like the surgery went well and your recovery is going extremely well. Please take it slow and easy. They say you recover quickly from the surgery, but to get the knee back into running shape takes time. You have to be patient. Enjoy a little downtime and relish a bit of rest. Glad to hear things are going well.


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